Outlook Express


Click Tools, Accounts, then click the Add button on the upper right, then click Mail on the context menu that pops up. This will start a wizard which will guide you through setting up an email account for Outlook Express.


When prompted for the display name, put in your full name as you want it to appear on any email you create, then click Next.



Youíll be prompted for your email address. This will normally be in the form:



Note the period between the first name and the last name. This email address is assigned to you by the IMA administrators, so be sure to get the correct email address from them. After entering your name, click Next to move on.


The next screen in the wizard will ask for the type of email connection, and the names of the servers you will retrieve and send email. The type of email server should be selected as POP3, and the names of both the POP3 and SMTP servers are mail.ima.cc. Click the next button to continue on with the wizard.


The next screen will prompt you for your user name and password. The user name is the part that appears before the @ima.cc in your email address. So, if your email address is FirstName.LastName@ima.cc, your user name is FirstName.LastName. After filling this screen in, click Next to continue, then the Finish button to complete this setup.



Close out any other windows that are opened up in Outlook Express until you are back to the main screen that looks something like this:




At this point, you are ready to send and receive emails from the IMA email system. Letís send a test message to verify everything is working. Click on the Create Mail button on the toolbar. Address a message to echo@ima.cc as shown below, then click the Send button to send the email. After a few seconds, click the Send/Recv button the toolbar to send any mail in your outbox and receive any email waiting for you. You should receive a message back confirming that your email is working. If you donít, click the Send/Recv button again in a few seconds and see if you have mail.